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The country having the best Dobermanns is largely a matter of personal opinion.  If one takes the trouble to travel the European Continent there are outstanding (and not so good) examples of the breed in most of the countries on the continent and one is better advised to keep an open mind rather than have a fixation as to where the best Dobermanns are to be found. 

I certainly have been able over time to acquire outstanding animals of the breed from Russia, Yugoslavia, Latvia, Hungary, Germany etc – also with Italian backgrounds.

The untenable partnership with Mr Trebbin was certainly mutual but it is necessary to correct the inaccuracy that he sold the bitch to me.  His share of the partnership was sold to Dieter Rencken.
From the outset the arrangement was that Mr Trebbin would have pick of the bitch puppies and it is with some astonishment that he has now elected to burden himself with moral sensitivities arising from the discovery that his “first”choice of pup has a missing tooth!   It would be as well to remind the learned Gentleman as there would appear to have been a lapse of memory on his part, that his bitch – Smartwood Hills Paola was disqualified from competing in her ZTP in south Africa, had a similar shortcoming but was not seen has a handicap of consequence when he bred the F litter or the G litter and of course the parentage of the I litter.