Why Rescue?
Rescuing A Dog Is A Lot Like Buying A Puppy. There are all sorts of reasons why people are reluctant to adopt a dog through rescue. And although some of these reasons may seem valid, they are almost always totally unfounded. You might be surprised. All dogs that come on to the Rescue Scheme will always be evaluated and a full CV of the dog made available to the prospective owner if at all possible.  Our Rescues are put on Rescue because their owners have cared enough about the dogs and have been responsible enough to put them on Rescue to secure a future home for them rather than dump them or worse.  Dogs of unknown origin will be strictly evaluated before they are placed in homes.  All Rescues are adopted out sterilised and vaccinated.  Rescue Schemes like Dobermann Rescue are much more in tune with the Breed and the dogs than your Shelters, so a far more personalised placement is guaranteed.

My Rescue Scheme will always make the dog available on “appro” to the prospective home to see if the dog fits in at the new home and vice versa.  By the time you have decided to take the Rescue, I can almost guarantee the correct dog to the correct home.  If the dog does not fit in at your environment, the dog comes back no obligation.  There can be nothing worse than being saddled with a dog that either does not like your environment or if you don’t get on with the dog.
Dogs come on to the Rescue Scheme for various reasons – its caring and responsible owners that would rather find the best home for their dogs.  Reasons for rehome can vary from folk immigrating and the cost of immigration being just too expensive, or that the dogs may have to be in quarantine for up to 7 months.  Other reasons can be financial reasons and having to downscale to a smaller home or flat that is not suitable.  In other instances it may be a divorce and neither party would be in a position to take the dog/s.

The various Rescues in South Africa all work together and it is in our interest to find you the most suitable dog to fit your lifestyle – so if you are looking at adopting a Dobie, please contact me and we will source the best dog to suit your environment.  This may take some time for us to find you the right dog, but once we have your details and a suitable dog comes in, we will be sure to contact you.  A dog is at least a 10 year project, so its worth the wait to find one that really is what you would be looking for.  Dogs are not “things” that you purchase off the shelf – so take the time and have the patience to let us find you the right dog.

Lastly, our Rescues are privately run.  Any assistance for Rescue is always appreciated, whether it be to cover costs of food, vaccinations, sterilisations, collars, leads,transport or vet care.