About Us

I grew up with Dobermanns so I guess that’s where it all began.  The first Dobermann I recall as a child, was a female called “Kana”.  The world was petrified she was not going to take to the first baby in the house when I arrived and she was about 5 years of age.  “Kana” proved the sceptics wrong and was my shadow and many times protected me against the “wrath of my mother”.  At this stage we also had a younger unbelievable male dog called “Flash”.  He protected our home and my Dad in particular with a passion and loyalty that never faltered on more than one occasion on his regular late night visits to our farm just out of town.


In 1975, my Mom purchased a dobermann puppy female, “Wallshauns Jika” from a school friend of hers, Leonore Bentley.  Something, somehow, somewhere, we started showing and the DONNERAU Kennel emerged.   We consulted with the late Des Kloeck and he and Raymonda had suggested we use their “Max Borgstahl” as our first Stud dog.  Donnerau was off the ground with our A litter and I selected a female dobermann puppy from that litter, "Adela" – she was my very first own Dobermann – although not “the” beauty queen – she was tough as nails.

My Mom’s signature Dobermann purchased was BIS CH QUINTRE ZEUS OF DONNERAU aka “Jorka” from Rosa Webster and he did her really proud with a lot of winning in his day.  


I moved to Port Elizabeth in 1988 and after living in a flat with my Miniature Schnauzer, Chiquita, I eventually moved to a house and was given a Dobermann puppy “Ebony” CH DONNERAU LIRA from my Mom. Ebony and Chiquita were wonderful companions to me through some very tough times, and to this day, Ebony has been one of the best ambassadors the breed has had.  I took a good few years break from the Dog Show ring, and diverted my competitive edge to that of the Equestrian World among the other sports of Ballroom and Latin American Dancing. Later I returned to the Dog Show world and found the dogs to be very different.   They were clearly lacking the strong temperament of our older dogs, however aesthetically they were more pleasing.  

In 1999, I joined a number of South African enthusiasts to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Dobermann  in Garmisch Partenkirchen - Germany.  I was so impressed by the European Dobermann,  and I also then realized that our South African Dobermanns were not of the calibre of the dogs I saw in Europe.  


In 1999, Marc de Chalain and myself started the Chaldonne Kennel and imported a female, Odessa Branca Betelges in whelp to the legendary INT CH Baron Nike Renewal.  On 27 November 1999 our first litter, the  “S” – Litter of the kennel made their debut in South Africa and the rest is History.   BIS & BISS CHALDONNE SOLO and his litter sister, BISS CH CHALDONNE SHAYLA were and are the signature of our Chaldonne Kennel.  Both Solo and his sister Shayla winning numerous BOB/BIS at the Specialist Dobermann Shows early in their careers.


My passion for Dobermanns grew and my aim to own beautiful looking dogs with strong temperaments that could still fill the role of the ultimate family pet and protector had become a reality.

In 2002 and addition to Donnehaus, I purchased from the Irinland Kennel in Russia,  – BISS CH Irinland Fabulous Frosja.  She lives up to her name – “Fabulous”!.  

Later, and another addition to Donnehaus, I acquired under very sad circumstances, MAGIE NOIR VON COBRA via Heinz Grimm in Germany as a result of the sad passing of her owner Monica.

I must mention that these Imported dogs were acquired to improve on the existing dogs owned by myself and I cannot deny that the combinations of my breeding over the years has brought much pleasure to all those who have had the priviledge of owning a really classy Dobe – good to look at and a pleasure to own.

Although each and every one of my Dobermanns have different characteristics, each and every one is very special in many different ways. A real Dobermann is your friend for life, no matter what.  They give of themselves unconditionally and I only advocate and pursue the controlled and ethical breeding of Dobermanns.

My passion for the breed is such that through Donnehaus and Chaldonne there are unconditionally opened doors to those Dobermanns in need of a home and assistance in finding their “forever” homes on our extremely succesful Rescue programme.


I never know whether I should thank these people for fuelling my passion or burn them at the stake, but at this point I would like to mention my particular appreciation and gratitude to the following people.  

  • Rob Forsythe, who guided and taught me the basis of my showing skills.  
  • Gerald and Marie Knight, for entrusting me to show “Rip” BISS & BIS CH Chaldonnay Dino at Marikate to the height of his career as a Show Dog, as well as the Sire of my “B” Litter and subsequent litters that put Donnehaus on the map.
  • Marc de Chalain - enthusiasm, passion and a keen eye for the Dobermann breed.
  • Slobodan Maksomovic (Betelges Kennel) for the patience endured in getting Odessa to South Africa.  
  • Tatiana Kulachenko (Irinland Kennel)  for THE “fabulous” Frosja.
  • Heinz Grimm for facilitating the purchase of Magie Noir von Cobra, as well as Escada Empire von Cobra.
  • Inna and Jury Savalgins (LeGrant Kennel) in Latvia, for “Amaranda”.
  • Gorgy Varga (Doriantel Kennel) in Hungary for “Ferenc”.
  • Elena Kruglova of the Sant Kreal Kennel (Russia) for the very special "Mata Hari".
  • Kirsi Vesterinen of TrueNorth Dobermanns in Finland for the spunky "Piaza".
  • Tatiana Chistilina of Filimamont Kennel in Russia for the stunning "GULNAR".

If it was not for you fine Dobermann folk, South Africa would not have the pleasure of sharing and seeing these wonderful “V” (EXCELLENT) dogs  from our kennel as well as their off spring.


The dogs of both DONNEHAUS and CHALDONNE are routinely health tested and puppies are temperament tested at 7 weeks of age.  We strive to keep our motto – Breeding the Best from the Best!

We welcome prospective owners to view our wonderful dogs and facilities.  

Prospective owners are selected and screened and any of the dobermann puppies from both Donnehaus and Chaldonne have the reassurance that they leave my home with a life long contract that if at any stage of their lives, their initial purchaser can not retain them for whatever reason, they are to be returned to me.