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Posted at Tuesday, 25 April 2017 04:30
Posted at Friday, 05 August 2016 11:54
Make sure you get what you paid for!!!!!!!
Gene Diamond
Posted at Saturday, 02 August 2014 12:17
You have excellent dogs and hopefully I will be able to obtain a puppy from you. I have been involved with the breed for over 30 years now, and wouldn't consider any other breed as this is my personal preference
Gene Diamond
Posted at Saturday, 02 August 2014 12:17
You have excellent dogs and hopefully I will be able to obtain a puppy from you. I have been involved with the breed for over 30 years now, and wouldn't consider any other breed as this is my personal preference
Popadina Daria
Posted at Monday, 22 April 2013 22:34
Hello,my nane is Dasha Popadina ,I wanted the puppy from your country and pitomnika.I live in Russia,city Kaliningrad.What the caina your puppys?
Barbour Quilted Jacket
Posted at Friday, 20 July 2012 07:29
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Posted at Thursday, 28 June 2012 09:27
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Michael Kors Canada
Posted at Wednesday, 23 May 2012 08:01
Good informative post. I will visit your site often to keep updated.Some interesting and well researched information on cameras. I'll put a link to this site on my blog.
Posted at Tuesday, 03 January 2012 17:56
No service retail

If a seller snorts so funny, maybe that means that the fund is shut down, but ultimately not often know exactly whether the fund is now open, or not. Maybe they should even be a communications exercise. Rude is not more often.
A complaint is often not possible in spite of alleged warranty, although quite clearly is that the goods are not optimal. Goods is partially missing, sorted incorrectly, or incorrectly marked.

Some are dangerous spray

Some sprays should not be sold. They are harmful and likely to cause polyps. Even so, things like nail polish remover is dangerous.

Prison is madness

Time in prison does not make healthy and successful. The stay in prison should be more tolerable for the patients. It is working without pay in principle. For someone who is not so healthy, that's problematic.
Already in the 1800s: "spare us, O God of punishment," a chorale, here in a version of Gröhnemeyer: **

Managers are no help

During the stay in hospital, will be ordered again in detail, a supervisor, who is increasingly becoming a burden. Ultimately, the courts of any accountability report accepts mediators, although most everything has got worse in the situation of the clients. The care does not lead to a successful life for those who were ordered against a supervisor. The person concerned must now, even though he is usually in a helpless situation, supervisors oversee the behavioral problems, so it's no nonsense. A difficult and complicated task, which helps no one. He has been in its history anyway, no opinion leaders and had no influence, because otherwise it would not Betreung been brought about. Reasons for this are poverty and an origin from bad circumstances. Politicians e.g. not be disenfranchised because of their power and influence. Through the care, freedom of expression is limited. This means that the influence deteriorate even more. Therefore, lethal incapacitation in such circumstances. It involves a lot of money, wasting the supervisor pointless. Charitable organizations, like the churches and the DRC will not help.

The judges are increasingly absurd delusions.

Although the staff will be appointed against the wishes of those concerned, people are used without any income to the cost of care. The appointment of the supervisor happens to their declaration of intent. Although the supervisor or the supervisor does nothing for those affected, it usually pays a poor woman's holiday. After the / Supervised paid the costs of care, the caregiver is still greedy and tried as settle even twice. It concerns me several thousand euros per year. It is because of the tick, that they constantly come to the poor and the rich, such as Managers of banks to help them despite their billion Fehlinvestitonen continue.

Some social workers are in principle not in the realm of "incapacitation and guardianship" act, because care is contrary to the wishes of those concerned with the foundations of social work. Basically it's about why anyone takes that position so readily, and whether it is because these people do not want anyone as a person.

Cycling should be rewarded

Some spaces, such as the railway station are part of a risk to the safety of the bicycle. After several tire changes, and repairs of the light is enough. There is no Selbshilfewerkstatt it. The problem is that some repair shops do not repair the part well enough, such as with an incorrect tire size or UACh long waiting times. Workshops are cheaper outside, so that one is two hours on the road with a flat tire. Cheaper bikes, but are still cost € 200.00 but already capable of navigation, but anyway not the best, even from the comfort. An expensive can not be bought, because that is then made even broken. The wheels are subjected to many stresses by weather and bad roads. Why should anything be damaged. More should be provided for the safety of bicycles. Lockable boxes are not there.
The cities are not cyclist-friendly products. Cycling is not rewarded, but in some cases punished with fines by the police. Police and other misogynist bloke screaming out of the cars out. Bus and train are often no alternative, as from 22.00 clock already been anything goes. Cyclists are already in and out by bus also at risk. Mayor even go so out of fear around with a helmet. People with no income other hand, is nowhere even a helmet refunded. **

Crazy cop

Police officials have no apparent reason in the middle of the road stopped a cyclist, so that more cars could not go on for some time. When the cyclists were probably a pensioner who had just bought a few things, and could not carry that far. Actually, in this case would rather someone be so organized that the pensioner buys or drives him home, instead of that he still struggled through the area must carry, but it is rejected. Instead, a penalty imposed
It really is a presumption that the police chasing the wrong

Banks do not comply with the law
Basically it is that banks should give no information and may not, because it is a violation of fundamental rights. An invasion of privacy is not allowed.

Computer does not work

Sometimes even the network is overloaded, it is definitely always had problems with the computer that it does not work. This concerns above all the Internet cafes, the devices are too slow there.

Weather is bad

The three were last winter with minus 20 degrees Celsius for this region too cold. Was minus 20 degrees before it actually only on higher mountains, but not in the cities themselves, the municipalities and communities should now plan ahead and take better care.

Unpopular workshops

Who wants to work without pay as a sick yet? Most people defend themselves against an activity in a workshop for people with disabilities called the second Labor market. You think this is a form of oppression by the church, the defenseless people would make a kind of slave to himself, and that would not reward them with attention. Time and again, mistreatment, theme designed by employees of the church, which would use taxpayer money for violence. This situation should be changed. Diakonia should learn how to give. For their behavior, there is no justification specifically by this religion, but the opposite is the case.
"But only with the sermon, it is not done" (Boff 2009).

It should be done by the authorities in non-bureaucratic assistance

The principle of "innocent life for the" deviates more and more dubious since 1933 killing of an existing machine which correspond with false allegations do not often have the facts. Instead take the meaning of life unimportant trivialities, which are almost pedantic in pursuing the foreground.
See also the article on this: "The banality of evil" is: ** People should be solved internally by these thoughts. Important must be someone that is healthy and less a supposedly other thing. Man is not a machine or automaton. It is also made no non-bureaucratic assistance. However, some other countries also run something like "Entmietung".
"The dismantling of the bureaucracy is particularly important for companies.
We especially need to eliminate the disastrous Innovationshemnisse as bureaucracy and overregulation. They often stifle any new approach. "(Hundt, 2010)

Landlord nerve

Rooms are basically too expensive, because there is no comfort, etc. available. They often have no oven, bath, laundry, balcony or terrace and storage facility. Laundry is stolen from the clothesline, mattress fuck off. Some rooms can be sold relatively quickly after signing a lease at one time without the consent of the tenant. The new owner pays the tenant does not necessarily.
Repairs are expensive, artisans, e.g. Plumber and pipe cleaning are not reliable, but some of it is also botch of them. Also, technicians and caretakers nerves. Neighbors are partially mob, include among them divorced men who were abandoned by their wife, or couples where the wife seeks protection from the police before the abuser. The tick of the landlord before signing a lease then a Schufa information, as well as obtain a certificate from the previous tenant, he should certify that there is no debt that goes up into a certificate or a certificate stating that no insolvency exists, should be terminated. Leases contain phrases then so how would a dog "to disturb the peace", etc. Other ticks are also the thing with the additional costs, such as sniffing and unlawful entry of the room, without logging into the private sphere. ** C3% 9Ft-tenant-the-freund-144713271.html
Current as well as another becomes more expensive. The foreign country has no reasonable room.

Decline in each case with the current providers such thing as "advance". Even so, things like bonus would probably not be granted. A minimum contract period for one year is only slightly stable conditions. More than 2000 complaints about electricity suppliers under ** here.

No change is possible

Chronically ill patients have no income so really no way to health insurance, how to change the bank, because both health insurance, as well as the banks take only workable salary earners. To open a bank account so you need even a higher amount of cash, otherwise they do not do that anymore. Itself guarantees not to take them, but sometimes there is not. Debtor and not at all.

According to the report of an ill that he was insured only through the social welfare office. Health insurance is refused to insure him. This in turn makes the social welfare office but not in every case. Therefore, you do have to watch it. There is are already isolated cases, but is possible for chronic sufferers.


Many diseases are discriminated against. This is particularly to infectious diseases that are discriminated against for fear of contagion. AIDS, for example is ultimately quite a nasty disease, and is discriminated against. No one will give one an infected place or room.

Physicians are sometimes scammers

Some doctors have, according to one expert may purchase their PhD abroad, or spy documents among teachers, because it was more bad with them. There were some on the black market. It lacked much in the treatments. **
The fact is yes, that doctors now admit even now that they kill. Also, the DRC is, as the following report shows not fair. Charitable organizations, like the church do nothing against these forms of the human race from extinction.

Women's Shelter helps men

Facilities, such as women's shelters problematic respond to alleged contacts of women with men, and take the woman for this reason, not on the women's house, although even in this society live men anyway, as it faced at work are not necessarily retreat, such as in front of the boss, or from the authorities. Some of the men, the women are not secretly stalk from the environment of the woman herself, but it is the woman herself, unknown men.
Often, however, the prosecutor's dangerous men are already known. The prosecution, as well as other authorities to protect and demonstrably intensive repeat offenders, as well as psychotic milieu, although the company as such is not normal. Violence against women leads to the failure

District Office does not pay a housing allowance

More and more district offices make problems with the acquisition of cost if it can be generated no income due to illness. You should then establish recovery, or anyone who still work even if only one site can provide reduced. These authorities have to complete many ways. Is that due to illness and lack of income attached and removed, it interferes little. Fact that the court may sometimes go too far, is more acceptable to them, as if someone makes an application for housing benefit. You have a warm nest in their families.
It is also about clothes and shoes that a new purchase is not possible so then.

Health insurance pays nothing

Emergency beds in the hallway in the hospital, queued up into the street to the emergency services on weekends, so the current situation in health care. other areas, such as pharmacies and opticians are busy. Many doctors' offices and hospitals are currently barely on private patients. The offices and clinics go much it for the money, though just so even those who have a lot of money, may also get a lot of others. In modern times, the property is to have not just luck, maybe even some dirty business in how drug trafficking, and exploitation by others. The Doctors Association gives as the reason for overcrowded clinics and hospitals grievances in a form of false CDU / CSU policy, which they believe would make for more and more sick. Some of the medical profession, as well as hospital staff are specifically against the CDU / CSU.
Much will also be treated in the treatment because of different health insurance differently. This gives the patient a good treatment, and others will turn up empty. Especially with vaccinations and treatment of the teeth that is handled differently. Much in the field of treatment of the teeth is not covered.

** 1518,614949,00. html

Fees should be gone

The GEZ behaves differently from humans. Some free them without hesitation or longer from the license fee, others again they are strictly off the TV and the radio. Perhaps it is but also to unequal treatment. Who for example, has a low income, has no chance of a relief compared to a beneficiary. Actually, this should just work on low incomes will be rewarded, which is also preferred by employers, yes, but it is through this manipulation is not the case. There is also criticism on the program and the content, or to some is not critical. The GEZ refers to the legislature. It should be considered by competent other models.

A city is insane

Temporarily, I logged in with my parents was still alive. Then I logged out of this town again, the parents are now almost 80 years of age found both deceased, and there lives someone else. Although the whole is more than ten years ago, the administration comes after ten years to repeat on me. For the second time now, the city turns to me and said I was registered there yet, but what does not, because I've reported elsewhere and have not even logged a second home.

Double secret church tax

The church receives each year since the war in addition to the church tax € 460 million for alleged secularization of the state and thus in turn the taxpayer. Moreover, all accommodations are paid in their homes by the residents themselves, or by the county.
Even given the church every Sunday victims money, as other donations. The alleged support of the church comes from the person to not know some die at a young age.
Criticism is appropriate for example at backward exorcisms.
Posted at Thursday, 07 July 2011 13:44
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Posted at Sunday, 29 May 2011 09:17
Hi...Greets from Germany...Beautiful dogs and nice site...

Sarah and Dobermänner
I Need Money Now
Posted at Wednesday, 25 May 2011 16:20
Nice content and picture to share those are, I love looking at pictures and content that remind us of the past and what it used to be like. And in your free time please visit us. I will learn more and I’ll try to implement. Thanks
Sunil Trevor Pillay
Posted at Thursday, 12 May 2011 20:22
Litter B 2000
Bisart Luka (Brown)
Died 11/12/2010
Cancer with deterioration
She was our little Lukwhat girl till the end!
czareen owen
Posted at Saturday, 16 April 2011 09:42
We are looking for a brown female. Please contact us when your litter arrives.
Many thanks

Tel: 082 490 8190
olle davidsson
Posted at Monday, 28 February 2011 20:40
Just aregards from Sweden
Posted at Wednesday, 23 February 2011 08:59
hi donna
love your site, and your dogs are really beautifull. i'm super excited about getting my pup. been waiting many a moon to finally get a dobe. all the best
Posted at Thursday, 13 January 2011 14:47
Hello! You have a very interesting site with a wonderful gallery. Dobermans are the most graceful and beautiful animals in the world.
We wish you and your dogs all the best in the New Year, good health and new victories in shows!
Best regards
Maria and Filimamont Gabir
Posted at Tuesday, 23 March 2010 06:24
Hello! You have very beautiful dogs and website. I wish you and your kennel all the best in future.
Come to our site -
Posted at Thursday, 03 December 2009 03:59
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Natalie van Zyl
Posted at Thursday, 12 November 2009 07:07
Wink Hi Donne
It's day 2 today, and Dancer is settled in! The 2 of them are really enjoying each other (Duncan just loves her)
Thanks for a wonderful dobie xxx
Posted at Friday, 02 October 2009 11:00
Donne your dogs are fantastic,your areas where the puppies live are spotless.
I have a bitch called Bodhi who is just over year old now and i swear she is a springbok in disguise.I would recommend anyone to you for a doberman.
Please never buy a Doberman as a guard dog.... they are amazing animals that love being around humans and do not need to be chained up looking agressive.
I have 2 dobermans and they are very protective but great fun and full of love and nice nature.
Posted at Thursday, 03 September 2009 14:27
Hi Donne. A quick note to say THANKS! Russet is about a year now and what a wonderful dog. so loving and playful and super gentle. I am truly amazed by the doberman breed. Whenever we go on our adventures he always gets compliments from strangers. I never imagined that i would love him so much!
Maggie and Lucy
Posted at Monday, 25 May 2009 15:13
Hi Donne
We'd thought we would let you know that Sophie has settled in nicely (a whole 4 days) we've even been for our first doggie training class. Except I'm the one who is learning. We will send you pics shortly so you can see how much she has changed. Oh and boy does she have attitude.Which is great. Thank you to you and Adelia for or precious new baby. Lucy and Maggie
Nelia Marsburg
Posted at Thursday, 16 April 2009 14:25
What beautiful creatures!! I grew up with 2x Dobermanns...when telling people how amazing, loving, gentle they were, they think I'm crazy! Currently living in smallish house with my other two babies (my Jack Russels) but starting to build a new house in quiet town soon (in the lovely Boland) - big enough property and definately planning on bringing a new Dobie into our lives!! Keep up the amazing pics, I LOVE them! Hope the babies are all doing well and also mom!

Ps. I saw your ad in the Dog Breeders Directory
Posted at Friday, 27 February 2009 11:14
Hi Donne
Lovely dogs and your website is amazing Wink. I did find very nice snake chains in USA Smile
Posted at Tuesday, 02 December 2008 22:37
Hi Donne,
I love companion animals, your dogs are beautiful. I have a 20 week old female Lab and I've been contemplating of a companion for her, a guard dog - a female Dobs. What is your opinion? Can the two female breeds get along with each other?
Posted at Wednesday, 19 November 2008 14:36
You demostrate again that nothing worthwhile had ever been attained without passion!Wink
Posted at Sunday, 16 November 2008 18:12


Posted at Sunday, 19 October 2008 17:45
Your site is very interesting. Thanks.
Posted at Thursday, 28 August 2008 08:22
I`ve been surfing your site, you got a lot of beautiful dog`s.
It was Interesting to read about you.
Best wishes in the future for you and your dog.
Greatings from Mari-Anne in North of Norway

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